Warning:  I am not professionally trained nor am I a clinician I just know how much it feels to be hurt by people I trusted...  If you need serious help this site may not be the best site for you but if you have been hurt by someone as an example a pastor this site may help you. 

There are enemies in this world and they are the seed of Satan.  Brock and Todd who I talk about a lot and perhaps too much are my enemies, but rest assured God has got your back and he will avenge you.  Brock and Todd are going to hell for their sins against myself and others.  While I paint a picture of anger and hurt from a personal point we will stand together one day soon and repay all the evil that has been dealt to us not in this world but in heaven.  The Bible tells us:

(Gal 6:7) Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

I know I brought you here because you are hurting.  I was shown a dream from a person who is no longer my friend that when I tried to help others it all backfired on me and I lost everything.  That is not the point of this site.  I have regained everything and so will you because those who follow God his wrath will not come down upon him.  During these next few weeks I fully expect to see Brock going to jail for what he did to me and Todd is already there.  I assure you God will give you victory over your enemies.  

Here from this point on is an older part of the site:

What about when a "best friend" set you up and sent you to prison for the majority of your adult life???  Lies by:
Todd Jessie Garton

What about when a pastor, your care taker hurts you or lies to you???  Lies by:
Pastor Brock Dale Bernstein

For years I struggled wondering if God was angry for being a bad steward of my money.  While I almost lost all my faith in God I came to one conclusion:

GOD still loves you and he loves me too!!!

Learning to heal from lies, deceptions, and thievery!  After 23 long years I forgive all the hate and evil done against me.  Sites not updated yet!

Audio file on forgiveness.