What about when a "best friend" set you up and sent you to prison for the majority of your adult life???  Lies by:
Todd Jessie Garton

What about when a pastor, your care taker hurts you or lies to you???  Lies by:
Pastor Brock Dale Bernstein

While I almost lost all my faith in God I came to one conclusion:

GOD still loves you!!!

God broke me down and humbled me tonight March 28th 2018 and I just let all the hurt and pain go away.  What I finally learned is that my failures were in God's plans and God worked everything out for His glory.  Tonight on Air1.com after I forgave both Todd and Brock I heard the song about forgiveness.  In the past I changed the channel or got very angry.  This time I cranked the volume.  The next song to play was "Run Devil Run."  I mean does God have a sense of humor or what!?  A 21 year curse has finally been broken off of me.  AMEN
Learning to heal from lies, deceptions, and thievery!